Join us as we address the problems facing mainstream integration of Reg Tech, identifying the key issues facing financial institutions moving towards this technology. We will provide a forum to share ideas about competitive differentiation, market demographics and integration that financial institutions need to truly explore the possibilities Reg Tech can provide.

We will explore the reality of adoption, with a focused one day agenda which will;

  • Look at the current barriers to regtech development and how they are they being overcome
  • Share how institutions are getting to grips with the complexity of reporting and minimising compliance costs
  • Interpret new rules, creating a single view and minimising uncertainty
  • Discuss moving from a reactive to proactive ‘common response’ stance and the inherent competitive advantage efficient RegTech brings
  • Address how RegTech can operate within and harmonize with legacy systems and processes
  • Discuss the practicalities of mapping future rules to current operating models and identifying gaps
  • Understand the success criteria for good global data management
  • Look at how regulations such as MIFID will affect current systems